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This is what annoys me so much. Like what is stopping me? Nothing. If I ever wanted, I could go outside and run and run and run and don’t look back. I could get up and just leave. Or in the middle of an exam I could scream out and cause a fit, if I really wanted to. I coud also walk out to the corridor and shout to all the fake friends and chase them out from my life. Or I could get up right now, go outside run up to a guy and kiss him - any guy. Or I can run up to someone's house and confess and tell him or her not to leave. It’s the same for things like school where if I wanted to I could actually pass with good grades. I could easily lose weight if I set my mind to it. But What's stopping you? Who’s Stopping You? Yourself. Your fear of not being good enough. Your fear that people mightn’t like you for trying to do something out there and different. And that’s what I hate about society, the idea that you have to follow the trends and do’s and don’t’s. You can do what you want, be who you want. Because in the end, if you suceed all the failures in life, the ones who judged you for stepping out there and making a change, will suck up to you. And who cares if you fail? Stand up and try again. Because the only thing stopping you, is you.</span>

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A Long Thank You List to the Ones I Treasure a lot. <3

I am a really lucky girl. If I were allowed to say so I think i might be in one of the luckiest girl list on the planet. Not because of the cheesy 'cause-I-met-someone-who-loves-me-so-much cliche of course, is because I have many people supporting me ever since 1994. My grandparents, my parents and of course all my friends, they enlighten my life and colour it bit by bit to complete a perfect life drawing.

This post is to delicate to everyone who has been came into my life and stay no matter how suckish I am.   

I would start this thank you post with my family members. My life wouldnt be any better without my grandparents. They take me and my siblings as priorities in their lives, do everything without whinning to raise us up. They wish for all the good things to shower upon us. All they ever wanted is their children and grandchildren to living in a healthy and happy life. Grandmum cooks the best Hainan foods for us everyday; she's my private doctor as she's the only one i can look for when im feeling sick; she's the one who gives me best life advices and brings me out whenever i had an argument with my parents. Grandpa sends us to college or school everyday without complaining much; i know he has been secretly waiting for us to come home in his room if we hadnt reach home before 12am; he would leave the best foods for us and leaving the normal ones for himself. Both of them have done a lot a lot to us that I couldnt find a word to describe how grateful I am to have them in my life. If i were given a chance to pick my grandparents in my future life I would still pick them, undoubtedly. 

Thank you, grandma and grandpa. <3

Thank you mummy and daddy for always enduring my hot shitty temper. For not locking me outta the house gate when I was a total rebel back in high school. For telling me I make them proud to be my parents although I have always been a terribly bad daughter. For giving me a big house to live in. For giving me complete freedom to do whatever I want to do. For not setting any curfew and I can go home at any time I want. For never ground me at all since small. For trusting me I will not do anything to harm myself and my future. Most importantly, for granting me this awesome life that I would live in no regret at all. 

And here goes my long list of thank-yous to all the friends who have been supporting me ever since the beginning. I'm blessed to have all these true friends for not leaving me when i was in grief, forgiving me for all the sins Ive done, accepting who I am and willing to stay after seeing the miserable part of mine. 

Thank you Tamiko Foo for always be there for me since Form 2. Thank you for always be there for me when I was sad, or despair. Thank you for sitting beside me since form 2 and doing all the naughty stuffs together with me all this while, Thank you for sleeping in class with me throughout my high school life, for skipping class with me and finding teachers to keep HP for me/us etc etc. My high school life wouldnt be so awesome without you. Thank you for facetime-ing/calling me when i was crying, for not laughing at my cry-baby face and i know i look damn ugly when i cry, for letting me sleep over at your house when I have no where to go to distract myself, for bringing me out at night to let me cry altho i didnt cry haha, for teaching me how to be more ganas when facing with evil people that backstab me, for taeching me how to squeeze through the crowd, for making me study by studying like crazy in class when exam is around the corner, for dancing with me in class when everyone went for PJK lesson, for willing to let me to be your bridesmaid-in-future although im so freaking fat, for understanding me even though i didnt tell you about my feelings, for everything you've done, thank you my BFF tomato foo! <3 

Thank you my Moonlight Resonance family members who have been a really great companion, listener and supporter in my life.

Thank you Paul Lim for night calling me every time when Im down, for being a 'total listener' when im whinning and complaining about the circumstances in my life, for being one of my guy best friend, for gossiping with me all the time althought you dont like gossips, for calling me out when you have no where to go, for including me in your essay altho you didnt specify my name in it (means a lot), thank you sotong lim ! <3

Thank you Giselle Jia Xin for accompanying me in all my sleepless nights. For letting me to share all the sweet little things ( and now became miserable little shits ) to you, for camwhoring with me, for going out concert with me, for sharing all the sad love songs to me, for comforting me when Im down, for Facetime-ing me when I was crying, for coming over to my house when I thought my life is so sad that i couldnt stop crying, for calling me cute! and imitating my chatting style, for hyper with me all the time when i was high like fuck. Thank you twinnniieeeee <3 

Thank you Melveleen Goh for calling me when Im facing problems. For shopping with me when I dont feel good, for giving me advices and comforting me or asking me to cry as loud as possible when Im not happy. Thank you for all the calls and willing to go out with me when Im sad. Thank you miao miaoooo <3

Thank you Jian Sheng for your surprisingly-good relationship advices. For all the fun things we've been through together since form 3, for sitting in front of me and not throwing my red annoying bottle away, for chatting with me when I got onto the wrong LRT, for forgetting youve said you will play 'When you said nothing at all' to me in form 3! horhorhor. but i forgave you haha. Thank you penguin lor ! <3

Thank you Carolyn for telling me to stay strong and you are proud of me whenever Ive achieved something good or maybe average in life. For letting me to sleepover at your house and sofa for countless time, for teaching me how to play mahjong, for not scolding me after teaching me so many times and I still had no clue about mahjong, for willing to share your little secrets to me, for willing to join us for karaoke although you dont like it and for being a really great listener! Thank you Bo Bo Lyn ! <3

Thank you Weimun for being my close friend since standard 3 and still not ditching me yet, for having countless calls with me at night to talk about every single thing we've been through in life, for witnessing all my shits in primary school and high school, for telling me to stay strong when I told you Im not good, for listing 50+ guys as my bf hahaha, for cheating with me in spelling test back in primary school, for singing countless songs with your beautiful voice, (seriously sing more la), for not angry when I keep making jokes of you and dongdong hahahahahaha, thank you dong sau ! <3 

Thank you Shihui for being my 'grandma', for cheering us all up with all your sampat thingy, for working with me in the same restaurant, for memorizing shit menu with me, for listening to all my stories and shits in high school, for sharing the good old times with me, for doing almost everything together with me back in high school, the editorial board, koperasi and everything, thank you maa maaa! <3


Thank you Zong Lin for being the suckish but care for me the most brother. Thank you for scolding me like shit when Im already feeling like a shit, seriously those are the words that nobody had ever told me and I was kinda hoping someone would do that to me, for letting me spam you in whatsapp almost every freaking week, for enduring me on all the stupid things Ive played or told or spammed to you, for not ignoring me all this while, for being there for me ALL THE TIME when im not doing good, for telling me Im one of the most important girl in your life, for letting me feeling you raelly care about me a lot, for typing a lotsa typos and not scolding me when I keep screenshot them back to you, for letting me to show my true face to you, for seeing the darkest side of mine, for telling me what should I do when i was confused or lost, for being my gorgor since form 1, for comforting me every time when i was sad, for lying me you would bring me out to burgerlab on 29th of feb 2013 !! , for leading me to a better life, thank you gor gor, you are one of the most important people in my life too! <3

Thank you yuetnam for teasing me 24/7 but still be there for me when I was going through heart break, for arguing with me in all the little things in life, for calling me all the weirdest names on earth, for telling me you will always be there for me and for really being there for me, for trusting me and telling me all the miserable stuffs youve been through, for giving me macam yes advices and listening to all my complains for so long without even complaining, for being my transforbin/sakaibin for so long, it really means a lot a lot to me bro, sis ! thank you sakai / jie jie <3

Thank you Gyllen Phang for calling me all the way from London constantly, for being a really good cousin since 1994, for sharing all the good and precious moments with me, for growing up together with me, for celebrating almost all the occassions together with me, for playing and do many silly things together with me, for giving me so many wonderful memories to remember of, thank you gy-liang! 

Thank you Lyam and Tya for being my great companion since small, for sharing all the moments with me, for sleeping over at my house all the time, for bring all the joy to my house, for listening to my stories from night to morning, thank you wo wo and terence! <3

Thank you Shu Hee for bringing all the joy to our gang, for being all sampat but at the same time listening and giving me good advices when i was going through heartbreak. Thank you Desmond for fathao me all the time and for telling me you am luen me for a short period of time hahahahahaha. Thank you Karseng and Malau for all your advices and comforts, and of course making my life so interesting in whatsapp and wechat with the bunch. <3

Thank you Stephanie Yap for being there for me all the time. Sorry for every bad thing Ive done and thanks for still willing to talk to me after all, thank you for willing to share your thingy to me, for listening to me and giving me really good advices although I didnt really implement them, sorry, thank you for being one of my best friend in college, for letting me trust that we can still find good and real friend in college, for helping me out in many tasks, for cheering me up and enlightening my college life. Thank you dear dear ! <3

Thank you Jesmaine for forgiving me in the inappropriate thing Ive done, for being there for me and patting my shoulder when i was sad, for caring about me, for being one of my best friend in college, for listening to all my shits and giving me all the advices, for helping me in the things im weak in, for bringing so much of happiness to us, for not being mad at me although i keep teasing you, for always sampat with me, thank you sopohhhh! <3

Thank you Jeremy Chung for being my jimui, for bring me out to gym, for sharing so many awesome shits to me, for letting me saying all the vulgar and not scolding me for that, for calling me and sharing your relationship thingy to me, for not being mad at me after all my spams in whatsapp, for cheering me up when i was sad, for helping me to charge my phone every time im running outta battery in mid valley, for accompanying me when i was waiting for someone for hours, for being a really good friend and not getting mad when friendzone jimui-zone you, for bringing me to cannaught pasar malam, for forcing me to eat chao tau fu and realizing its not too bad after all, thank you jerrrrrrrrr ! <3

Thank you Yance for being my jie jie for so long, for being my listener and giving me really good advices since the start, for telling me what ive done wrong and willing to lead me to make a better decision, for really treating me like your mui, for sampat with me, for letting me to go lensa when i have no where to go, for understanding me and being able to speak out the little voice in my heart, thank you jie jie !!! <3

Thank you Louis Law for daogei with me all this while, for singing the chinese love songs with your terrible singing and terrible chinese pronunciation, for sampat with me all the time, for letting me to show the most childish side of me, for stopping me from posting shit comment on fb, for letting me tease you for nothing and not being mad at me, for trying to tell jokes to cheer me up when you know i was sad, for line calling me to cheer me up, for comforting me with the really optimistic side of yours, for karaoke with me in line, for calling me fat, nice ass, and eat ladyfingers, hahaha thank you forever alone ! <3

Thank you Johnson Ong for being a really raelly good friend, for listening to all my whinning all this while since form 5, for making countless jokes to cheer me up, for making my life so interesting, for making me laughing like crazy all the time, for letting me tease you like shit all the time, for teasing me back all the time, for giving me really useful advices all the time, for not being mad at me when i laugh at your imba arms, your dirt neck, mayo case etc like crazy, for enduring all the childish shits ive done, for sharing good songs with me, for copying my life !!!, for knowing what im thinking, thank you yo cactusssss <3

Thank you KarQuinn for being my driver, for sending me to college for two semesters, for not scolding me when I keep kacau you in car, for listening to all my shits, for telling me your shits too, for understanding me although maybe you didnt tell, for sharing me funny videos in car when i was moody, for bringing me to dip n dip, for giving me advices and telling me not to give a shit for many things, thank you yo si perasan ! <3 

Thank you KinHoong for backing me up in so many things, for helping me to do my tasks, for accompanying me to go all the way to Jaya One and not complaining anything, for listening to my complains, for treating me with your true heart, for teaching me what should i do in life, for letting me believe i can still find friend who will treat me with his true heart, for giving me really good advices, for not scolding me in so many shits ive done, for being a really good friend in college, thank you so much sami sami ! <3

Thank you Liphung for giving me so many advices and Im so sorry that I didnt listen to them, thank for telling me everything and not ditching me at the end, for fetching to so many places and sending me back home to Puchong all the way from college and back then to your house at Kepong, for making me laugh and making my college life interesting, for calling me and comforting me over the phone, for forgiving me for the shits ive done, thank you sexy lip ! <3

Thank you Chenhaw for being a really kind friend, for sending me to here and there, picking me up from here and there and not being mad at me after all, for making us all laugh and for making my college life fun ! thank you chan hou gor ! <3

Thank you KiatGee for calling me sweetie, for keep trying to cheer me up, whether whatsapp-ing me in class when lecturer playing bored to hell video or in whatsapp after knowing my heartbreak, for sending me M&M photos constantly to make me laugh, esp those days when you send me every morning and night, for sending me to Mid valley to meet my mu, for showing me your baby hahahahaha photo, for not calling me ugly after seeing my wtf photos, for comforting me and chatting me that night after you saw my insta photo, for keep replying me on whatsapp, for being a really good team mate, for forgiving me for not being a good team mate, for not being mad at me although i keep teasing you, thank you sugar !!! <3

And for a lot more friends who I've missed out, sorry :( 
I surely remember every single thing you've done to me, thanks for being in my life, teaching me life lessons, giving me advices, comforting me and cheering me up. THANK YOU PEEPS ! <3

At last I would love to thanks God for being by my side, for giving me strength to carry out many tasks in my life, for giving me confident on jobs which I think I wouldnt be able to do, for calming down my nerves and letting me to find a space of peacefulness every time after I've spoke to you, for giving me a sense of assurance and protection, for letting me knowing that You will always backing me up and forgiving me for everything I've done, for arranging best things to be happened in my life, for making my life so interesting and so lucky, thank you for everything, my dear God. <3

<p>People come and they leave, THANKS FOR WILLING TO STAY <3
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Life goes on, but memories stay.

I have no idea how to start this post. Blogging and writing seem to be so alien to me. I used to express a lot through words, be it exhilarating, depressing, frustrating or even raging, whenever it comes to words i could type or write all day like a running cheetah. High school tables chairs walls are all fulled of my masterpieces. There was even once I wrote a 7 pages essay to Ms Yuen 'cause I was too depressed of some stupid matter in life. Got her all raged up and forbids me to write any essay more than 3 pages. But as time goes by, as we are slowly climbing up to another stage of life,  we keep things to ourselves. When words were to come out we tend to swallow them back in. Small shits that do not even matter us that much we spit, but things that matter the most, we keep. Big reason beneath this is that we do not trust people anymore. People change, we change, I change. Especially when you are in college, everyone has different faces that we do not know. Fakin' it 'till we make it is by far what i see people doing it the most, even myself altho nobody ever admits it. Will he or she backstabs you? Will he or she spreads your little secret to everyone like they are the host of MTV news channel? We do not know. So we keep. So is this a compulsory step we all have to go through in life to make us grow? To not believing in people ? Or maybe we should all just spill everything up and ignore the people whether they like it or not and people dislike you then 'cause they feel offended and you just have to act like you dont give a shit of their opinions at all and deep inside you are tearing apart of not being liked by everyone ? 

Life back in high school was the best for almost everyone I supposed. We do stuffs without worrying that people would mind. We do stupid stuffs that we think is cool but actually from other people point of view we are few absolute idiots. We break rules and offend all the teachers but at the end we are the one who gets along with teachers well even better than the obedient ones and they end up wondering did we bribe the teacher or hypnotize them. We fall in love with different guys and we think that those experiences actually make us look mature. but actually not. we look dumb instead. So and so, dramatic stories of which bitch stolen whose boyfriend, which idiot pointed a middle finger to another guy and they ended up having a big fight after school in front of our school gate, which gangs climb outta the school wall to go to the cyber cafe and ended up get caught by disciplinary teacher who awaits them at cc since morning...never ends. But those are what makes our high school life so interesting, so memorable.

And ermmm so, I had this moment of reminiscence of every bits happened in high school this morning. Then i noticed my high school life was all about me and Tamiko foo, my best friend of all, or to say, my soulmate hahaha. 

We got backstabbed by the same so-called-best-bitch-friend back in form 2 and there we started to be best friend in life HAHA. a very typical best friend story. we been through a lot together. like too much that i cant even list it all in here. we were both called the sleepyheads in class 'cause if we are not talking, we sleep. we were two school-skipping-masters in class 'cause both of us were the only students in the BEST CLASS who skipped more than 20 days in a year. which for us is less, 'cause we even cheated on our attendance by asking parents to school and sign for all the days we had skipped. for once we even shared drinks with one of our sick friend so that we can make ourselves sick wtf. dumb shits. skipping school was ok, but skipping class i think was our expertise other than sleeping. we can come out with the most ridiculous reasons on earth and make the teachers buy it. pakat with ketua pengawas to ponteng class. told teacher ms tan/datin ask us to meet her for some urgent matter but in fact we were chatting with teachers in bilik guru and forced them to issue us a letter. joined editorial board so that we can ponteng class with reason. get along well with discipline teacher and we could even say hi to them when we ponteng class. told teacher one of us is having period pain so we could stay in class and skip lab class. sneaked outta the class 'cause we sat at the corner of the class when teacher is teaching. ate in canteen for one hour and when teacher asked we said we had permission from teacher and told him to ask one of the teacher who we already pakat with...many more that i could not even think of. we even offended the most garang teacher in class - the maths teacher who talked about her life stories more than teaching during class. we sneaked outta her class when shes teaching, we drank mushroom soup in class, we laughed at her weird pads on her shoulder when shes wearing her green shit colour kebaya, we chitchat and laughed like crazy when shes teaching, etc etc etc etc..too much that she even told the class shes frustrated with us and would not scold us 'cause she didnt wanna care about us anymore. but in the end we are best friend, yeah with that teacher. LOL. we had crush with the guys behind us back in form 2. we did stupid stuffs to be with them. discussed about sex facts with all the guys sitting behind us. laughed about how one of them knows so much about the sex facts and even terms. yeah stanley kwan, you are the one. the one who brought us to your mum's jojo pan mee and only treated us weird desserts outta everything we ordered. lend the guys behind our bags to sit on after they got caned by discipline teachers on their pretty little asses. shocked everyone by beating the most artistic guy in class in the essay competition. me, champion, whod have thought that. dated the leader of the super gangster in school. ohmy i was a prefect back then. chitchat in class like nobody's business and offended the most dramatic teacher Mr Prakash. that one teacher who always called our names out and asked us random weird questions so if we couldnt answer he could make use of that opportunity to scold us in class. and he failed all the time 'cause friends beside would always whisper the answers to us. and he became real mad and decided to change his strategy by treating us good as hell but he still failed. not really surprising, he too became one of our good friend teacher which we dont even know why. we still hate you now sorry sir. then we fell for different guys which we love a lot. she still loves but i shifted to another guy now. :) every single day we have been telling each others what sweet stuff had the guy do to us. how to catch their attention. help each others out to get the guy i loved she loves. in class almost everyone sitting behind knew our stories. we brainstormed valentines idea together with whole bunch of guys behind. bernard jian ycc bovern etc. helped jj to make rose outta plaster of paris and he dumb fella put it into oven and ruined it. comfort jian whenever the girl he loved does any shitty shit to him. ycc was our maths teacher instead of the dumb maths teacher who didnt even know how to solve the math ques she asked. bullied the new art teacher by shifting seats whenever he asked to check our sketch books. witnessed each and every one of us cried over the one he or she loved. class party every month to celebrate every month's birthday babes. and at last, motivated each others to study when pmr was around the corner and ended up everyone gotten flying colours for pmr and surprised the shit outta our teachers. not forgetting how ms yuen cried when she knew we all got A for chinese. and how Ms kok said she was glad to have us and we are one of her favorite class since she started teaching. there goes our form 2 and 3 and thankfully, both of us still gotten into the same class in form4, as we requested LOL. form 4 life was disaster at first 'cause getting into the first class was too stressful and people were less coorperative. hated the bitch sitting behind us 'cause she keep asking us weird ques and thought one of our best freind fell for her, like duh. erhem. joined koperasi and editorial board and these kinda made us famous in school. lolwtf. she started performing in school for almost every celebration in school. i started becoming the leader of koperasi and stressed up on how to make it a better student board as it was one of the latest estabished stdent board. complained the suckish teachers that tried so hard to makan all the money and so got them kicked outta the board. even the principal knows us back then. rejected more than 10 guys in one year and started to get all the bitches bitching up about us. she remained her good relationship with the guy she loves so much and i remained single and loving another guy for damn fraeking many years. she, to help me to get to know that guy had done a lot. like seriously, until it took only one month for him to notice me and took my hp number. wtf. past is past. ive found someone better than him, and he has found someone better than me. after everything me and her became more mature. no more rebellious shit that we used to do. err still doing but not that extreme. when teacher scold we mute or joke with them. so life after form 3 we basically befriended with almost all of our teachers, except for the big ass sejarah teacher who told us : harini cikgu malas nak ajar, kamu belajar sendiri ok , and still, THAT math teacher. we still eat in class especially in that i-lupa-your-name siviks teacher. bought sandwich or even nasi lemak and makan in front of her and she could be totally fine with it. wtf. shifted seat to the super nice view corner of the class after the most kepoh girl in front of us eavesdropped our convo and spreaded it out. took public transports all the way to pudu for stupid tuition. and still, sleep like nobody;s business. this is probably one of the reason we were famous cause everyone passed by the class, saw us sleeping. -.- at night we both study like mad cause we wanna surprised the teachers up and for sure, for our own goods. dressed up like malays during merdeka celebration and performed. but we were the ony two who didnt get to sing cause we didnt even wanna show up during practices lol. come to think of it we basically performed on every singe occasions that the school had. pull almost every friend beside us to join latin club. got to know a lot a lotsa seniors and always gotten invites to their class parties. like wtf. ran into the class beside and listened to chawchaw tell the stories in history book so that we can rmb more. had group studies and motivate each others to study. gave life advices as if we are the psychologists. one thing that never changed, ponteng class/school is still our fav. sigh. ponteng class to celebrate friend from another class' birthday. to go to the nearby cafes to yc. to try the carbonara in the new cafe. to go to every boutiques near school and try on every single clothes but buying non at the end. to go dating. to help the teachers out, literally. to sneak into other classes as if the teachers dono we arent from that class. okfine, still rebellious back in form 5 but less extreme. we both graduated high school with 9A wtf. taechers all shocked like shit as i only gotten 2A for my trial hehe. all in all, high school was pretty awesome. 

Despite everything, I know we can never compare high school with college. People grow and they change. To be a better one and to be a mature one. What we need to do is to keep learning throughout the life process. Sorryfortheabruptendingbutidontknowhowtoconcludeeverything
andidontknowwhatelseishouldsayandimsotemptedbythemovieijustdownloaded. so kthxbai.


<p>Typing long shit like this 'cause i know no one will read.
Dont bother reading this.
Im just wasting my time
by reminding myself of all the shits ive done
back in high school.
and ive gave on up blogging
so dont bother waiting for my next post.
i mean it.
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Responsible Blogging 2013

Let’s Shape a Sustainable Blogosphere Future Together

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Now if you think we are onto something meaningful, and you think it matters to you, join us now, be one of the 2,000 bloggers to tell the world, we care! Join now at www.responsibleblogging.my

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Being too observant is killing me sometimes. Seeing one changes from an innocent angel to an attention whore is the fucking worst feeling of all. Worst still, I can do nothing to stop xxx from changing. Wish the other 6 who felt the same way could help.




fuck off.

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